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FREE Custom 3D Printed Bracelet

FREE Bracelet – Create and customize your own 3D bracelet. Then have it printed and shipped to you for free. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Gift from The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel – The Weather Channel is back on DirectTV. As a thank you, The Weather Channel is sending out free gifts! You don’t need to be a DirectTv subscriber to request this freebie. UPDATE: Our readers have been receiving their free gifts. It’s a navy blue hat (baseball cap) with The Weather Channel […]

FREE Marley Lilly Sticker Set

Marley Lilly – Request a FREE Marley Lilly sticker set for August. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Niice Stuff Decal or Jelly Band

Niice – Get a free jelly band or decal from Niice Stuff Apparel. You’ll need to fill out the form here and include your mailing address in the comments box. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Crestliner Trumped Fishing Ruler

Crestliner – Get a FREE Crestliner Trumped fishing ruler. You’ll need to sign up and then confirm your email address. After confirming the email, they will send the ruler by mail in 2-3 weeks. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Red Dress Pin

Dress Pin – Get a FREE Red Dress Pin from Go Red For Women to support the fight against heart disease in Women. You’ll need to register first to get the free pin. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Pool Testing Kit

Pool Test Kit – Healthy pools mean healthy swimming! Request a free Pool Test Kit from Hach. [ GO TO OFFER ]

Free Proven Winners Garden Ideas Book

Proven Winners – Get a free Gardener’s Idea Book from Proven Winners. Request it now and you’ll get the new 2014 edition. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Bic 4-Color Pen Giveaway

BIC – Bic is giving away free BIC 4-color pens each day until 4/24. 44 pens are given out randomly each hour from 8 am – 10 pm EST every day. You can log in once per hour to try to win a free pen. [ GO TO OFFER ]

FREE Re-Sealable Lid Stickers for Tide Pod Tubs

Tide Pods – Get over-the-lid re-sealable stickers for Tide Pod tubs. You will receive 4 stickers. Limit 1 request per household. [ GO TO OFFER ]